Aldan the Righteous Deliverer

Deeply Inflexible Servant of New Faith


Human Paladin
Level: 4
Str: 16
Int: 10
Wis: 13
Dex: 7
Con: 12
Cha: 17
HP: 22
AC: 4 (3 with shield)

Motivation: Rescue humanity from evil through example, courage, and combat
Personality: Self-righteous, selfless, patient, a little shy
Heroic Flaw: Absolute Moralistic Righteousness

Back Talker (magic bastard sword; if just struck + 3 / + 3, 18-20 critical against that opponent; demands bloodshed) [THAC0 14 (11), dmg 1d8/2d4 + 2 (+ 5), crit 19-20]
Hero’s Harness (white steel half plate mail; can inspire awe weaker opponents; must not be sullied) [AC: 3]
– Medium shield [AC -1]
Holy Symbol of the Temple of the Searing Light, polished to a deep gleam
– Tunic, impeccable
– Soap and various cloths

Special Abilities, Notes:
– Holiness (lay on hands ~8 hp every so often, immune to disease)
– Tactician
– Farming, gardening, carpentry
– Restraint
– Venus’ Curse (tall, fair, and handsome)
– Restrictions include: Contact with women; touching or consuming flesh or blood; becoming dirty; contact with colors darker than medium gray


Charismatic and strong if intellectually inflexible, the young Paladin of the New Faith, most recently affiliated with the Temple of the Searing Light in Gar. Aldan represents the vanguard of the Faith; eager to enforce morally absolutist tenets with strong proclamations, cold steel, and the light of his gleaming Hero’s Harness.

The New Faith tests its proudest adherents harshly — bound by a litany of restrictions and requirements, Aldan’s is a life of endlessly atoning for temptation and the whims of fate; he is sworn to 1) always undertake quests for the Faith, fickle as it is, no matter how hopeless or impossible; 2) never touch meat or flesh; 3) remain ever clean and spotless; and 4) never come in contact with a woman. It is the last of these made most troublesome by his Curse of Venus, which draws the eyes of the most beautiful maidens and matrons and into an (unwilling and spiritually draining) embrace. Other restrictions drift his way but such is the joy of righteous service.

Aldan’s Back Talker sword grants him the power to smite those who have drawn his blood, but contains a sinister intelligence which increasingly compels him to violence. The longer it stays sheathed once it is drawn nothing good can come of it.

Aldan the Righteous Deliverer

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