Rast The Amazing Spellcaster

Arcane Academician Of Ancient Legends And Beasts


Rast The Amazing Spellcaster
Human Magic-User
Level: 4
Str: 11
Int: 16
Wis: 11
Dex: 16
Con: 8
Cha: 13
HP: 9
AC: 7 (9 w/o Dex)

Motivation: Prove to his fellow magicians and mundanes his competence, manliness
Personality: Overconfident, self-superior, flashy, shallow
Heroic Flaw: Hubris

The Crystal (artifact; saps life when touched, boosts magic spells; coveted by all beholders)
– Spellbook
– Bright red cloak and wide-brimmed hat
– Throwing daggers [THAC0 17, dmg 1d4, crit 19-20]
– Satchel of pyrotechnic powder
– Taxidermy tools
– Membership to exclusive society
– Gorbo The Apprentice
– Relics from Trell-Beast (beak tip, heart-stone, vial of blood)

Special Abilities:
– Spells (4 1st, 3 2nd; cantrips as needed)
– Taxidermy and animal anatomy
– Legend Lore (magical beasts)
– Well-read
– Bragging
– Living The Soft Life

1st level 2nd level
Burning hands Pyrotechnics
Manipulate fire Phantasmal force
Dancing lights Mirror image
Magic missile Shatter
Allure Web
Jarring hand Stinking cloud
Unseen servant Detect artifact
Spell of control


Rast is typically the most intelligent, most literate, and best-dressed in the room, and he wants you to know it. A dropout of The Academy in Gar, he is both a student and rare active practitioner of magic, specializing in illusion and pyromancy. He seeks to make his mark on the world through plundering the ancient dweomers of legendary beasts and artifacts, while straying as little as possible from the easy life. Perhaps there is an ounce of depth and heroism in him, deep down. His red cloak and wide-brimmed hat complement his multiple changes of fine clothes, even when talented tailors in these parts are few and far-between.

Rast The Amazing Spellcaster

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