Seppo The Protagonist

Adolescent Once-Ruffian Seeking His Future In A Changing World


Human Thief
Level: 4
Str: 8
Int: 13
Wis: 7
Dex: 16
Con: 10
Cha: 17
HP: 12
AC: 5 (7 w/o Dex)

Motivation: Be The Local Boy Done Good In The Wide World; Find Childhood Friend’s Killer
Personality: Compulsive Fast-Talker, Storyteller; Distracted
Heroic Flaws: Naivete; Lack of Follow-Through

– Modified light crossbow, hand-made [THAC0 15, dmg 1d8, crit 19-20]
– Various hand-crafted ammunition
– Black powder bombs [explode 2d6/1d6]
– Bag of Tricks (knapsack with: caltrops, cord, spikes, powders, marbles, gems, jerky, etc.)
– Leather armor (black matte) [AC 7]
– Shortsword [THAC0 19, dmg 1d6 – 1, crit 19-20)
– Thieves’ tools
– Tall tales, explanations (assorted)

Special Abilities:
– Trick shot
– Thieves’ abilities
– Backstab
– Carousing, storytelling
– Working with blackpowder
– Fletching, craftsmanship, fine motor skills


At only fifteen, Seppo was the youngest and slightest of Gurgrock (PC) and unfortunate Nikko, three best friends from the docks of northern sea-town Poori whose lives turned out just as fate and fortune would dictate but differently than their mothers had hoped.

Seppo’s small frame and naivete to the wider world is tempered by his good heart, nimble hands, and creative mind. A compulsive fast-talker and easily distracted, he has served many jobs, including as an alchemist’s apprentice, fletcher, carpenter, and errand-boy. He prides himself on his handiwork, including a crossbow he uses for hunting, trick-shooting for coin, and sometimes to less legal (but never dishonorable) ends.

After he learned of the violent death of Nikko, Seppo set himself to joining with Gurgrock’s trustworthy-enough gang of heroes to track down his friend’s killer, while at the same time seeing the world for the first time.

Seppo The Protagonist

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